1 Card Reading

Allow the Spirits Animals to offer you light and guidance, as you connect with their energy, mythology, numerology and intuition.

In times of uncertainty, being at a crossroads or lacking sense of clear direction, the 1 card reading can share light, knowledge and wisdom to create an awareness of lessons to be learned and questions to ask self.



Create your ULTIMATE reality!

Through Spell Craft and Intention Setting, re-write the Quantum Field and call in the version of self that you DESIRE.

- Guided Intention Setting Process 
- Remote Spell Craft Ceremony & Manifestation Ritual


3 Card Reading

The 3 Card Reading is an in-depth reading which will present you with your Previous, Current and Next Version of Self.

Unlike 'Other Human Experiences/Past Lives', this reading outlines the energy shifts, phases and journeys you experience in your current  'Human Experience'.

Receive guidance on where you have been, where you are now and where you are headed, as the cards reflect your obstacles, challenges, successes and growth.

Connect with the Spirit Animals energy to gain knowledge of the power of self and how to take advantage of the cards you have been dealt.