Newcastle, Hunter Valley & Port Stephens NSW Alternative Wedding Photographers & Magickal High-End Styled Photo Shoots

Q. What is Starry Eyed & Spellbound?

A. Starry Eyed & Spellbound is an Enchanted Photography Service, based in



Newcastle NSW Australia, owned by Andy & Tara Sawyer who focus on Alternative Lifestyles, capturing the magickal essence that is inside of you.

Q. What services do Starry Eyed & Spellbound offer?

A. Starry Eyed & Spellbound offer Alternative Wedding Photography & Magickal High-End Styled Photo Shoots.

Q. What is an Alternative Wedding?

A. An Alternative Wedding is a Non Traditional, Unconventional & Unusual Wedding. 

Skip the traditional white dress, church ceremony & acoustic love songs. Coloured dresses, adventurous locations & Rock N Roll bands are in!!!! 

Q. What is a Magickal Photo Shoot?

A. Magickal Photo Shoots are for everybody! Entrepreneur's, Boss Babes,  Alternative Models and Couples.

With a creative spiritual aspect, a Magickal Photo Shoot is created just for you during  a one-on-one online consultation. Starry Eyed & Spellbound offer different Package Deals, starting from a Basic Package & go right up to a High End Styled Package which include the whole SHABANG!

Q. What is an Online Consultation?


An Online Consultation is a Video Call during which Tara and yourself will discuss your ultimate photography desires and channel through the magickal styling. As our creative ideas flow, together we will manifest and get clear on your vision, whilst collaborating on a shared vision board.

Q. What is a Vision Board?


A Vision Board is an online Pinterest Board, privately shared between you & Starry Eyed & Spellbound, to collaborate and share creative ideas for your photo shoot.

Q. What is Styling?


Styling is the creative design for your photo shoot. This can include furniture (lounges, chairs & tables), props (lights, candles, vases & arbours) and florals (bouquet, flower crowns & floral pieces). Starry Eyed & Spellbound team up with the most incredible local Styling Professionals & Expert Florists to create the ultimate styled photo shoot for your phototgraphy goals.

Q. What is an Eclectic Witch?


An Eclectic Witch is one who practices through the layered paths of modern paganism, respectfully combining multiple traditions and practices with a deep focus on energy, nature and divine connection. Belonging to no one system or hierarchy, the modern eclectic witch calls on all available powers to her and weaves her magick through physical correspondences, psychic intuition and guidance from the world around her.

Q. What does the Eclectic Witch do at your photo shoot?


Sinead Breeze is Starry Eyed & Spellbound's Resident Professional Eclectic Witch. Attending your photo shoot, Sinead conduct's an 'Opening Space', 'Cleansing', 'Intention Setting' and 'Blessing' for the purpose of the use of your photographs. For example: Prosperity for Business, Love & Longevity for Couples, etc. Sinead will personally gift you with a magickal treasure (Spell Jar/Crystal Roller Blend) to take home with you from your photo shoot. 

Q. Does Starry Eyed & Spellbound offer Payment Plans?


Payment plans are available for Packages #2 & #3. An upfront fee is to be payed to confirm booking, followed by monthly installments.

Q. Can I pay in full?


Absolutely! In fact, when payment is payed in full for a #1 or #2 Package, you will receive a BONUS 20 images to your photo book.

Q. Can't find a Package that suits you?


No problem! Get in touch with us to discuss your photography & styling needs and we will be more than happy to customise a package that suits you.

Q. Can I include styling and/or florals in my Wedding Package?


Heck yes, you can! We can create the most epic package that includes Wedding Photography & Styling/Florals for your Wedding Ceremony at an addition cost. Shoot us a message and lets make some magick!

Q. Where can I contact Starry Eyed & Spellbound?