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My name is Tara Sawyer

Welcome to 

I create Intuitive Designs for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and those who desire to express  their true inner essence and soul aspect of self with their clients and online audience.

During the creative process, I blend my soul with each individual client, psychically connecting to their energy as I feel the magick within.


Whilst working with Universal Energy, each Magickal Media client receives Distant Reiki Healing to support their needs (physical, mental and/or spiritual), along with amplifying my own creative channelling, direct from Source.

A personalised manifestation ritual is conducted throughout the creation of the Intuitive Designs, while setting the intention for the highest outcome for the purpose of each Intuitive Design.

So much LOVE, ENERGY & MAGICK is poured in to my creations. I guess you could say that 'I put my heart & soul' in to the magick of my art.

I feel so deeply grateful for every single connection that is made through Magickal Media & I am so looking forward to connecting with you.


Tara xoxo